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The 2018 DHIT Summit will convene internationally recognized thought leaders and key stakeholders from the healthcare ecosystem to dig deep into how Digital Health can pervasively be used to transform health. This exciting new annual impact event is uniquely designed to focus on demand blueprinting (not solutioning) and include post-event collaboration with the goal of creating a working model of care that will bring the future of health into real-world settings to produce measureable impact. Our expert panels and workshops will focus on three key transformative topics through the lens of Digital Health, including Building Healthy Communities, Health Engagement, and Precision Health.

American Tobacco, Bay 7
Durham, NC
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Wednesday November 14th, 2018
8:00am - 5:00pm

The Difference

This is a demand focused, impact oriented event, not a conference. Here’s the difference:


Standard Conference:
Focuses on existing solutions and discussing the lessons learned from trying to make them work.

Our Model:
Focuses on the demand side to blueprint the critical, unmet needs to guide the development of highly effective solutions.


Standard Conference:
Collaboration is non-existent, as the attendees listen to the speakers and then leave with notes.

Our Model:
Is fundamentally based on collaboration, where the entire ecosystem of stakeholders is engaged and leveraged.


Standard Conference:
There is no measurable impact, as the post-event activities simply include planning the next conference.

Our Model:
Involves post-event collaboration to test and validate solutions in real-world environments against the demand blueprint.

What to Expect

Listen, Learn, Act

Inspiring keynote presentations and insightful panel discussions by industry experts will guide conversations around real-world needs and meaningful outcomes.


Breakout sessions facilitated by design thinking experts will connect participants focused on particular impact areas that will help drive healthier communities.


Highlighting local innovations and talent to stimulate the ideation and solution design process.

Who Should Attend

Innovation Demand Side

Payors, Providers, Consumers & Government

Collaborate with your peers and other healthcare experts to play an active role developing a demand blueprint that represents the highest potential areas of impact that will transform how you provide services across healthcare. We have inverted the innovation model for you, where you can now guide the advancement of technology versus having to accept what is packaged and sold to you.

Innovation Supply Side

Tech Companies, Service Providers, Incubators, & Investors

Engage with an ecosystem of healthcare experts, buyers, and consumers of technology and obtain valuable insights into their highest unmet needs and human-centric requirements across real-world care delivery environments. We have inverted the innovation model for you, where you can now develop an optimal go-to-market product/service strategy that is based on a demand blueprint.

Key Speakers

Steering Committee


Want to see a detailed view of what we will be doing?


Are you looking to unlock digital health's potential and drive measureable impact on health outcomes for our community? We welcome all those with an interest or stake in our digital health future, from providers, researchers, and policymakers, to entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors.


Your knowledge, experience and passion to make an impact by reimagining how healthcare can be better designed, delivered and experienced in the digital age.


Cutting edge research, new technologies, and innovative business models.


Actionable insights and a commitment to work together to improve healthcare in meaningful ways.