Aaron Sheedy

COO and Founder | Xealth Aaron Sheedy on Linkedin

Aaron Sheedy serves as Chief Operating Officer at Xealth, which enables healthcare teams to order digital content and services as easily as they do orders and medications today. Patients can then access these digital health prescriptions from the provider's portal, so that they can actively manage their health. He has also been an Entrepreneur in Residence at Providence St. Joseph's Digital Innovations Group. Prior to Xealth, Aaron was the Chief Operating Officer at Swype Inc. after being promoted from the Senior Vice President of Business Development. He was responsible for bringing Swype's innovative input solutions to market. Swype had a highly successful exit to Nuance, Inc in 2014. At Nuance, Aaron was the Vice President of Mobile Product. His career began at Microsoft where he helped launch the first version of the Microsoft Network (MSN) and subsequently managed the development and implementation of an international social networking strategy across 6 key markets for MSN.